At The Intersection of Marketing & Tech

RedFox Creative.

The world is changing. The arrival of digital technology has caused unprecedented growth in communication. Marketing has shifted. People want authenticity and to feel connected with other people. At RedFox Creative we stand at the intersection of marketing and technology to help you connect with the people that matter most. Every brand has a story. Let's tell yours.

The Simplest Form of One-To-One Engagement

Alexa Marketing.

The Amazon Echo. No other device has caused such a disruption in consumer technology since the arrival of the smartphone. Voice assistant devices are helping to create an even more connected world full of on-demand information. Voice is the simplest form of communication and is at the cornerstone of true one-to-one engagement. Let us help you reach people where it matters and generate custom branded experiences they won't forget.

Tell Your Story to the people that matter

Digital Storytelling.

Storytelling. One of the oldest forms of communication that still has the biggest impact. People connect with stories because they are authentic. In 2018, storytelling in the digital space could not be more effective. People want their time on social media to be valuable. Authenticity and sharing knowledge has never before been so important. Let us help tell your brand's story to the people who matter.

Enter The Future of Creative Marketing

Brand Strategy.

Marketing and how brands connect with people is constantly changing. If you don't keep up there is a good chance that you will get left behind. It is up to brand's to embrace these changes and adapt with them in order to connect with people. Authenticity and honesty is the new normal. Let RedFox Creative help bring your brand to future of creative marketing by helping teach you the strategies that make your brand authentic.

About Us.

RedFox Creative is a different type of agency. Some call us crazy, but we prefer innovative. We embrace the crazy because we believe in the power of combining digital marketing strategies that work with technology to create truly authentic experiences.


Your brand is a story. Let’s tell it in way’s that will help you connect with the people that matter most.

Brand Strategy

Tactics That Work

 Knowledge is power, and we can give you everything you need to step into the future of creative marketing. Let us help you gain a new perspective and build a better strategy using tactics that work. We'll make it painless, easy, and fun......we promise.

Alexa Marketing

One-to-one engagement

"Alexa, give me today's weather." "Alexa, what movies are playing in my area?" "Alexa, how much is a pack of paper towels?" Such simple statements yield big results. Reach your audience in the next frontier of personal experience and engagement.

Digital Storytelling

Connection Through Authenticity

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each platform offers a unique opportunity to authentically communicate your story to the people who matter. Jump into the new era of how people tell stories to build a following and drive engagement.

Our Creative Director.

Meet our Creative Director and the mastermind behind RedFox Creative

Nick Myers

Founder and Creative Director

RedFox helped us greatly in our busiest time of year. We were able to maintain a consistent social media presence which allowed us to expand our brand recognition in a time when we needed it most. Nick's communication, creative approach, and willingness to tackle new tasks was something we took notice of very early on in our working together.

Phil Sutter

Co-Owner, Traditions Specialty Lighting Professionals

I had the opportunity to work with Nick on Nonprofit Draft Day. He hit the ground running as our Social Media Manager and quickly got to work and building us Facebook and Twitter pages. Over the course of three months, he managed and created social media content for this event and grew our online presence at an impressive rate. Nick’s efforts proved instrumental helping us attract more than 50 nonprofits and 100+ Free Agents to our event. Nick was enthusiastic and dedicated to our project.

Kevin Dwyer


Our Clients.

We have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding brands. From digital storytelling to social media, we have helped a wide variety of clients tell their story using innovative technology to the people that matter most in creative and authentic ways.

Traditions Specialty Lighting Professionals

Digital Storytelling

Nonprofit Draft Day

Digital Storytelling

Wisconsin Council of Self Insurers

Brand Strategy & Consulting


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