The Difference Is Experience

RedFox Creative is not your conventional marketing agency. We believe in more than just visuals, text, and standard videos. Recent studies have shown that the human attention span currently stands at 7 seconds; that is 1 second less than a goldfish. The fight to engage audiences has never before been so competitive. That is why we believe in experiences.

At RedFox Creative we take a new approach to marketing. We focus on integrating new technologies with the concept of experience based marketing. We take this concept to the next level by offering integrated marketing services in the form of 360° video, social media management, and virtual reality to drive people to custom events that we create.

People are hungry for new experiences that can engage all of their senses. Let us help you create what they want so you can start bringing your brand to the next level of experience based marketing.

Welcome to the world of RedFox Creative.