Social Media Marketing World: Yes there is a conference for just social media

Social Media has been evolving since the first chat room was created in 1997. Today, 23% of Facebook users check their account more than five times per day, and 93% of marketers are using social media. However, only 9% have hired full time social media managers and bloggers for their companies. This is interesting as consistent blogging is essential to increase search engine optimization rankings. Every year Social Media Marketing World, the world’s largest social media conference, is held in San Diego, CA and hosts speakers from around the world who discuss emerging trends in the industry. If you feel that blogging and social media are struggles for you and your company than this is the event to attend.  

What is Social Media Marketing World?

Social Media Marketing World is an event that brings together more than 3,000 fellow marketers to share ideas and emerging trends in the digital marketing industry. “This was honestly (and I’m not just saying this) the best conference I’ve attended in my professional Life. It was a conference like no other. I really, really hope to come back next year. Thank, thank you, thank you”, said Laura Kaslow a recent conference attendee.

Conference Attendees

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands attend Social Media Marketing World. The list of recent attendees include; Apple, Cisco, CBS Interactive, IBM, Deloitte, Hilton, Humana, Jeppeson, Macy’s, Mayo Clinic, McDonald’s, Remax, Reuters, the San Francisco Giants, Scripps, Sprint, Toyota, The United Way, UPS, Walmart, and many many others. Of course this event wouldn’t be complete without professionals from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social media channels that you can meet and network with.


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What You Can Look Forward To

Making connections! The first priority at any networking event should be to network and get your name out to people. At Social Media Marketing World you will get to see world class content from 120+ professionals from all over the world. Time and time again we see startup companies do trial and error on social media. Why do this when you can sit down and take notes from speakers and fast track your path to success? It’s not always wrong to cut corners with great minds, let alone having the opportunity to visit San Diego should be enough to convince you. At Social Media Marketing world you will notice a lot of visuals that contain highly valuable and pitch-free content. You will also have access to full recordings of every session and workshops for you to meet other professionals and learn something new at every seminar.

Social Media Event

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If you are interested in attending Social Media Marketing World make sure to check out their website and registration page. This event is guaranteed to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

For other information on social media channels, such as Facebook, make sure to check out “Facebook for Business: It’s About More Than Just Memes and Cat Videos

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