A Closer Look At The 360fly 4K

You may have recently seen certain types of videos popping up on your Facebook news feed in the past few months. You press play on the video and notice you’re able to click and drag, looking around the footage as if you were in the video itself. This is a new type of recording called “360° Video” and it is created using a 360° camera. There are two ways to film these videos; Monoscopic and Stereoscopic.

Monoscopic is the most common type of 360° image found usually using google street view or 360° players on YouTube or Facebook. These are flat renderings which can be viewed on any screen or VR headset, and you can move around in the space but there isn’t any real depth perception. Stereoscopic increases the virtual reality element by creating a 3D rendering of a 360° degree shot using a separate input for each eye. This type of immersive content is usually shot with two lenses and can be viewed in 360° with a VR headset (see Oculus Rift and HTC Vive blogs).

The 360fly 4K is one of the cameras that is currently in the race to win 360° video supremacy. Coming from its previous design the current model brings resolution up to  2880 X 2880 at 30fps (also known as 4K) making this camera high in quality and also has the power to be submerged in up to 90 feet of water due to the design of the camera casing. The current model comes with an import mount that allows you to place this camera on any tripod including GoPro mounts. The previous model including other brands of cameras don’t have this capability giving the 360fly 4k high mobility. Another creative thing you will find with the upgraded 360 fly is you have the ability to film time lapses. This is a technique where the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed the image appears to be moving faster than it actually is.

360fly 4K

This footage can all be manipulated using an app called “360fly” on your smartphone. This app allows you to control such things as; what type of video you wish to use, saving all of your videos in different files, controlling what the camera views, and the ability to save, edit, and delete various different footage you wish to keep or remove from a video. Once finished with a video you simply select the export option on your app allowing you to digitally download the film to a computer from where you can further edit and enhance your footage with 360° video editing software.

After completing the edit on your video most people will want to upload and share it with their friends. YouTube and Facebook currently both support 4K 360° video and make it easy for anyone to view and interact with the footage. However, the 360fly app on your phone allows you to use what’s called “Watch Me Mode” which allows you to show every angle of your choosing while the footage is being played, just in case you don’t want the viewer missing any important sections in the video.

In general, the 360fly 4K is the same as the 360fly with subtle differences but a big enhancement in the quality of footage. If you do find yourself interested in 360° video and want to know any further information make sure to check out the 360fly’s website, or submit a service request to RedFox Creative and we’d be happy to make you one. https://www.360fly.com/360fly-4k.

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