So You Want To Be A YouTube Creator

YouTube has become the new generation’s way of watching T.V. From streaming Minecraft building tutorials to watching popular YouTubers get drunk while they prepare food, or watching Philip DeFranco fill you in on the current world news. It’s become a great way to get entertainment for free these days and the younger generation’s realize this. If you’ve been on the edge of your seat wanting to jump in on the craze of creating YouTube content while gaining a following, there’s no better time than now with the amount of YouTube users growing exponentially. How does one get started in the world of YouTube? What type of equipment do you need? How does one even begin building a following on YouTube? It can be difficult, but with a great work ethic and the right niche you can do it! Here’s how the successful have done it.

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Markiplier 17,878,852 Subscribers

What you will need:


First of all you’ll need to create and give your YouTube channel a name while linking it with your Google account. Next you will need a hand held camera and you can find great deals for these on Amazon or go to your local tech retailer like Best Buy or Amazon. If you don’t feel like going out and finding a camera you can also use your smartphone as most smartphones these days have cameras that can shoot medium quality video for YouTube.


Next, you will need a microphone so you can record commentary on what you’re doing in your videos and relay your thoughts back to the YouTube community. Mics that are the best bang for your buck currently are the “Blue Snowball” or the “Blue Yeti”, both of which you can find at your local tech retailer or on Amazon.


If you’re creating a gaming channel you will need a capture card. This card will allow you to capture any gaming footage you have played and will allow you to edit your footage before uploading it to YouTube. If you want to be more advanced with your gaming channel you can also place a green screen behind you to superimpose yourself into your gaming footage.

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To reiterate, here is a detailed list of all of the things you will need:

  •         A desktop or laptop computer (tablets will not work).
  •         A YouTube channel with a linked Google account.
  •         A handheld camera, smartphone camera, or laptop camera to film yourself.
  •         A microphone (Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti) for the best quality.
  •         A gaming Capture Card to allow you to collect, edit, and publish game footage.
  •         A Green Screen (optional).
  •         Editing software
  •         Gaming headset

Creating your actual content:




Being original is not hard if you have a unique idea, but always try to deliver content that you’ll find interesting and others will to. Take content/ideas that people are searching for and put your own spin on it. If you decide to run a gaming channel be on the lookout for upcoming games being released that you see people getting excited for. Usually you will find that they want to watch actual gameplay before buying the game themselves.  


2) Be Yourself


Make sure to always be yourself. People can tell if you’re faking or trying too hard to be funny in your videos. Don’t be boring obviously, but find a good middle ground. A key factor to help make your channel famous on YouTube is showcasing your unique personality. It’s natural to want to emulate famous YouTubers that you admire and watch every day. However they are successful on YouTube because they aren’t trying to be anyone else. Stick to what you know and create your own original content that people will find entertaining.


3) Consistency


Make sure you’re being consistent with your videos and to how many videos you upload per week. If you give your audience a schedule make sure to stick with that schedule! Imagine how angry people would be if CBS had a list of shows for the week and none of them actually aired on T.V. More and more people are looking to YouTube for their entertainment and news so treat your channel like T.V network. Also make sure to engage with your audience while creating content. Ask them to comment and share their own opinions. Ask them to give you critical feedback on how you can make your channel better.


4) Promotion


Finally, share your videos on social media to spread awareness. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for your YouTube channel it is best to create at least once to ensure that your channel will get noticed. Promoting yourself on social media will allow you to share your content to your community faster and allow them to share your videos across multiple platforms. The more people are aware of you in your community the more likely you will have new people find your content.


It can be very difficult to become YouTube famous and then rely on people to watch your content. However, it can be a very fun process and if you do acquire millions of subscribers it can be exciting to interact with others and create live commentary with people who adore and watch your channel every day. Just make sure to be yourself, find a niche you love, and create the best quality content you can.With these tips in mind you’ll be well on your way to being the next PewDiePie.  

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PewDiePie 56,207,144 Subscribers


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