We Stand At The Intersection of Marketing & Tech

RedFox Creative is a different type of agency. Sure, we focus on all of the basic stuff like digital, social, web, and content, but we also focus on something else. Technology. Over the past decade as technology has grown so has its integration with marketing tactics, strategies, and how people connect with brands. 


In January of 2017 Nick Myers came up with idea for a different type of creative marketing agency. An agency that not only focuses on getting a client’s message across, but agency that generates experiences for clients and the people that matter most. With this in mind, Nick combined his passion for creating experiences and love for technology and started RedFox Creative.

At RedFox Creative we believe that every brand has a story to tell. In 2018, this story can be told across countless channels and placed directly in front of (or in the palm or room of) the people that matter most. The future of creative marketing is experience and personalized one-to-one engagement.

Are you ready to enter into the future of creative marketing?