RedFox began with one goal; to change the way that brands connect with the people that matter most to them. We believe that every brand has a story that needs to be told in ways that people can experience beyond just commercials, print ads, and social media visuals. People need to be engaged in ways where they can create memories and invoke a meaningful experience.

Our expertise in the field of event design can be traced back to 2014 when one of our founders. Nick Myers, planned a conference at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Nick wanted to organize an event for the university’s 9,000 students where they could come and learn about new ideas by combining facts with experience. This conference was known as the SHINE Conference and changed the UW-Stevens Point landscape for event design of the same nature. Nick quickly realized that people respond better to ideas when there is a way for people to experience them beyond the traditional ways of marketing. Why not follow this same model with brands? Why not integrate new technologies that aid in creating these new experiences? Thus, RedFox Creative was born.



Our Mission

The Mission of RedFox Creative is to extend the brand message of our clients by creating unforgettable experience driven marketing campaigns, and by providing a host of unique digital marketing services that will connect with audiences in new and unique ways.


Our Vision

To create instant and memorable experiences for the world’s leading brands through virtual experience and digital marketing strategy.