Experiential Marketing: A Crash Course

What exactly is Experiential Marketing?

Ever hear of the term “Experiential Marketing”? If you haven’t, don’t worry. We’ll walk you briefly through some of the basics. We hope that this outline will provide you with some basic information on understanding Experiential Marketing, and why we at RedFox Creative believe it to be the cornerstone of connecting a brand with the people that matter the most.

Experiential Marketing Is:

  • A sub-form of marketing focused primarily on events to connect people with information.
  • A way to generate a memorable experience between a product or service and a potential user.
  • A way to gain new customers by utilizing experience as a way to invoke emotion that will lead to a connection.
  • A way for brands to tell their story outside of conventional marketing tactics such as TV commercials, newspaper ads, radio, and even social media.

Experiential Marketing Is Not:

  • A basic event. These events are highly detailed, planned, and organized to generate an unforgettable experience between a brand and a brands target audience.
  • A quick sales tactic for companies to upsell a consumer on a product or service by just having them experience a “test drive”.

Experiential Marketing, since the early 2000’s, has evolved into the new standard of how organizations interact with consumers. Globally, more than $100 million is spent annually on experiential marketing programs. It is the single fastest growing form of marketing in the history, of well, marketing. Still having trouble figuring this out? No worries, take a look at the video below which should paint a much better picture of this content.

(RedFox Creative does not own the rights to this video. This video is shown as an example of an experiential marketing campaign. RedFox Creative was not involved in the planning, organization, or management of this campaign in any capacity. All credit for this production is  attributed to Stouffers and Nestlé S.A)


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