The Future of Marketing

The state of marketing is changing. No longer can brands expect to reach large amounts of people through once successful ways of doing so. The largest factor in this shift can be brought back to the rise of the internet. Just over 17 years ago many people acquired their news and upcoming product information by watching TV. This is no longer the case as the internet has given rise to high quality streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Video where many people can view content without having to sit through commercials. A recent study pinpointed that in 2016 one in five American households had “cut the cord” and switched to all internet based streaming services.


The rise of social media has allowed people to develop a more one-on-one interaction with brands like never before. Gone are the days of having to write a letter or call companies customer support line to report issues and satisfaction with a product or service. Now people can simply find a company on Facebook and Twitter, make a claim, and receive a personalized response in seconds; something that was unheard of 10 years ago.

This same trend can be seen in news readership. According to a recent Pew Research Center study 38% of U.S adults read about news online. This statistic increases as age decreases as more young people move away from television, newspapers, and magazines and switch to online only sources.


How to Tackle This ChangeHow-the-Internet-Works

How can brands tackle this changing environment? The answer is simple: reach people where they are; namely the internet. As the internet evolves people have become accustomed to viewing personalized content that interests them and helps to create an experience. In our case at RedFox Creative we already are creating marketing and advertising campaigns directed at this overwhelming change. As the Millennial generation ages and moves into the workforce, brands will begin to see an even larger shift in the overall sale of products and services. If the product or service cannot be bought online or connect with someone on an emotional level then odds are you can expect to see sales decline.


At RedFox Creative we can help you break free of traditional marketing and move into the marketing that matters. Marketing through experiences while leveraging new technologies and the current digital channels available is our speciality. We guarantee that we can connect you with the people that matter most through our event based and digital marketing to unlock new and growing opportunities for your brand.