Who We Are

With a combined 8 years of experience in experiential and digital marketing, Nick and Brett have the know how in connecting you with people that matter most through experience driven marketing and today’s social media tools.

Nick Myers

“I started RedFox Creative with one goal; to change the way that people market. Ever since designing, organizing, and implementing my first experience based event in college I have known that the way people interact with ideas and brands is changing. I also have always been an avid proponent of integrating new and emerging technologies in event design and promoting brands. I have been able to pull all of these passions together to form RedFox Creative where I can start helping other brands realize that the way people are interacting with them is changing, and I can help keep them at the forefront of that change. I am looking forward to working with you as we change the face of marketing!”

Areas of Expertise:

  • Event Design
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Live Video
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Brand Strategy

 Brett Brooks

“I’ve always had a passion working for myself and developing my own business, growing it and creating it in a way that could help the world. So when Nick came to me and said “I have an idea for a business, would you like to listen in?” I knew instantly that i would be interested. I’ve always had a thing for video editing and social media content, I’m a people person and enjoy relating with others. I then spent my free time reading books on different tools and techniques to use when making different websites. Learning different techniques to better my business through the internet, books and the knowledge that Nick has that I lacked, has so far made me a professional in the world of online marketing and video creation. I look forward to working with anyone asking for help and will enjoy working with you in the future!”