360° Video & Social Media: A Surprisingly Friendly Partnership

It is impossible to deny that virtual reality and social media are beginning to form a very special partnership. Five years ago the thought of consumer based virtual reality technology was unheard of, and two years ago the thought of putting virtual reality content on the internet to share with others wasn’t even a thought. [...]

Storytelling: The Old Yet New Frontier

There is a paradigm shift occurring in how brands connect with people. Gone are the days of direct mail print ads, 30-second radio spots, produced television commercials, and simple sales discounts. Of course these tactics are still prevalent, but they are dyeing. In a recent study conducted by Deloitte the Millenial generation is anticipated compose [...]

Creating The World of Virtual Reality

If you have an interest in gaming or if you have an interest in developing a game 2017 is the time to do so. With consoles having more power, graphics becoming sharper, and gameplay more complex, stories that rival big screen blockbusters for entertainment and intrigue are commonplace in the video game industry. It all [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should Take A Break From Social Media

The title of this blog seems scary doesn’t it? Taking a break from social media? Could there possibly be such a thing? The answer is yes. People can actually take a break from the never ending world of cat memes and politically charged videos. The truth is that social media itself has engrained itself in [...]

Live Video and Facebook: A Rocky Road

Recently, Facebook has been attempting to become the king of live video. Even though live video is new it is losing momentum with people as we see Facebook trying hard to keep this pendulum swinging. For example, we see Facebook putting increased focus on broadcast-quality and professionally produced content over amateur posts. This emphasis makes [...]

The Progression of YouTube

Before the dawn of the internet most people acquired their news and entertainment via cable TV, newspapers, and magazines. However, the traditional ways of consuming media changed changed on April 23rd, 2005 with the birth of YouTube. From your average Joe to popular celebrities, anyone could now make a video and have their voices heard. [...]

Virtual Retailers: It’s Not If. It’s When.

At RedFox Creative we talk a lot about virtual reality and how the technology is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. As we have stated before virtual reality is expected to gain 185 million new users by the end of 2017. In its current state, virtual reality caters to the [...]

Podcasts: 1 Million Little Genres

This week our theme has been to break away from what we typically write about which is anything social media, 360° video, or virtual reality related. To keep up with this theme we will be discussing a media channel that is often overlooked in regards to its popularity, diversity, and its ability to connect with [...]

Live Video: Anyone Can Use It

At RedFox Creative we talk a lot about the future of marketing, social media, 360° video, and virtual reality, but there’s one thing we seemed to have overlooked in the growing world of new marketing technology…….until now. Live video is quickly working its way up the digital marketing food chain as it adds an element [...]