Our Services

Our services our designed to connect your brand with the people that matter most. Our unique approach to designing and implementing events, coupled with our advanced social media and digital strategies, are guaranteed to help you launch your brand to the next level of B2B and B2C marketing.

Our Primary Services Include:Business meeting in an office

-Custom Brand Activations (events)

-360° Video Production

-Social Media Management and Strategy

-Virtual Reality Marketing

-Live Video


Our Approach

From the moment you contact us for an initial consultation we will be working to research and develop the proper plan to help you reach the people that matter most to your brand. Once we have developed an initial proposal we will schedule an initial consultation meeting to meet you and learn about your exact needs.



1) Initial Consultation

We will set-up a meeting where can discuss your business needs and how RedFox Creative can help make those needs a reality. We can meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or coffee….on us.

2) Proposal

Following the Initial Consultation we will begin working on a detailed proposal based on your brands specific needs. This proposal will include a work plan, pricing, and a timeline so you can get a detailed bird’s eye view of your RedFox Creative Services.

3) Detailed Learning

At RedFox Creative we believe that the only way to learn about a brand is by experiencing it. Once the proposal is accepted we will schedule a time to visit your brand on-site. Our approach is learn about your brand and your brand message by meeting and interacting with the employees that make it possible. No other creative marketing agency takes this approach.