360° Video

People are interested in things that can help generate new experiences. We believe that one of the best ways to reach people is through video; 360° video.

360° video is the next evolution of video production. Instead of conventional video production where a flat image is shown, 360° video allows everything to be captured in full 360° where nothing can be missed. 360° video is excellent for:

Point Of View shot taken at Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin with our 360fly video camera


  • Real Estate
    • Allow potential home buyers to go on a detailed tour of a home before they even schedule a showing.
  • Automotive
    • Let people get behind the wheel of the latest sports car as it travels 70mph down the road.
    • Allow people to explore the interior of a vehicle from corner to corner.
  • Small Business
    • Showcase your small business by placing people in your store where they can explore and interact with your products or services before ever stepping foot into your shop.
  • Events
    • Immerse people in your concert or event by placing them there as the action unfolds.
  • Virtual Reality Integration
    • 360° video and VR go hand in hand. Create custom and unique 360° video experiences for today’s leading VR headsets to immerse your audience in your brand.


RedFox Creative 360° Video Production Offers:CR-Electronics-II-Gear-360-Camera-in-Hand-02-16

  • Custom 360° video production for any event, product, or service.
  • 360° video editing utilizing the latest 360° video software alongside Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro.
  • Video rendering and upload to YouTube and Facebook for promotion and sharing.
  • Tailored video storyboards based on 360° video needs.
  • Integration with all RedFox Creative services for brand strategy and promotion.


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